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Quality Russian 6N1P tube double triode. The 6N1P is a Russian-made miniature 9-pin medium gain double triode vacuum tube All datasheets here. Order nr for a matched and balanced pair: Leave it up to a technician otherwise. These are no JJ Tubes! There are two Russian words which are translated into English as Russians. Name: Type: Application: Filament voltage,V: Anode voltage,V: 1A1P: heptode: freq conversion: 1,2: 90: 1A2P: heptode: freq conversion: 1,2: 60: 1B2P: diode-penthode. UNIVERSAL VADE-MECUM 1960. Vademecum Lamp Elektronowych - Warszawa 1957. PREHLED ELEKTRONEK 1956. PREHLED ELEKTRONEK dodatek 1968. select the first character of the tube - click for data. 0-5. 6-B. C-H. Musical Fidelity seems to have had good luck with them in their products, and the datasheet shows it as pretty linear. I'm new to tubes (and electrical engineering in general), and was wondering if anyone could suggest a preamp design I could use. ... The hi-mu Russian's like 6N17B-V, 6N21B and 6N33B are nice, and still available cheaply. I. GU-50 zend- of eindbuis. 6N16B (~ ECC70 / 6021) 6N17B. 6N23P = ECC88. 6N23P-EV = E88CC. 6N24P = ECC89. Alle typenummers op deze pagina zijn vertaald van Cyrillische naar Latijnse (W.Europese) letters.. Svetlana claims that their version will run at 900-1000 Vdc This 1932 RCA BELOW manual provides all the data sheet information, of the first radio receiving tubes ever made, from about 1920 to 1932 This tube can replace any EL84 or 6BQ5 tube Russian 6N6P tubes Lq4 With 706 Heads 6N6P 6H6P ECC99 E182CC DOUBLE TRIODE TUBE RUSSIAN 6N6P 6H6P ECC99 ....
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About Tube Equivalents Russian. 6N17B. 6N23P = ECC88. 6N23P-EV = E88CC. 6N24P ... De volgende datasheets zijn uitsluitend in Russisch ! Een pagina met vertalingen van Russische termen en Ciryllische teksten volgt t.z.t. nog. 5C3S. 6S6B-V ~EC71 / 5718. 5C8S geen equivalent. 6S15P. 5C9S geen equivalent. 维库电子市场网为您提供电子管 6N16B Q 6N17B Q产品信息,本信息由平乡县三联电子器材经销处发布,包含了电子管 6N16B Q 6N17B Q的相关信息,电子元器件采购就上维库电子市场网(WWW.DZSC.COM)。 ... Datasheet. 电路图. 电子通. Transmitter tube datasheets are already here. General purpose tubes in miniature, octal or larger glass packages. Single triodes. 1я12о / 1S12P 000W Triode, RF - RF Amp, ... 6м17а / 6N17B 002W Dual Triode - AF Amp ; 6м18а / 6N18B 002W Dual Triode - Integrators Curves 6м21а / 6N21B 001W Dual Triode - AF Amp ; 6м28а-б. What is Russian Tube Equivalents. Likes: 600. Shares: 300. 太陽光発電投資 ソーラーパワーインベストメント. アグリソーラーハウス ソーラーシェアリング、高機能型農業用設備.
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维库电子市场网为您提供北京*小型管 6N17B Q电子管 6N17*小型管产品信息,本信息由军工电子科技有限公司发布,包含了北京*小型管 6N17B Q电子管 6N17*小型管的相关信息,电子元器件采购就上维库电子市场网(WWW.DZSC.COM)。 ... Datasheet. 电路图. 电子通. I almost universally prefer the 6AS7G Perfect russian tube 6F3P an equivalent to the 6BM8 and ECL82 Did You Know? Next on the list is Avito Basically we provide you with cost effective equivalents for brands like Sandvik, Widia, Saar Hartmetall, Dormer, Mitutoyo etc that you might be currently using Basically we provide you with cost effective equivalents for brands like. 6N17B-V. Description. 6N17B-V . The 6N17B-V double triode is designed for amplification of low - frequency voltage. The Price is for Single Tube! Code: S120919; Manufacturer: USSR; Weight: 0.004 Kgs; Price: €2.10: Quantity: Send. . Data sheet; 6N15P 6 15: Soviet tt 6N15P.pdf (91282 bytes) 6N16B 6 16: Soviet tt 6N16B.pdf (109052 bytes) 6N17B 6 17: Soviet tt 6N17B.pdf (106885 bytes) 6N1P Svetlana tt 6N1Pspec.pdf (38608 bytes) 6N1PEV 6 1: Soviet tt 6N1PEV.pdf (106610 bytes) 6N1PVI 6 1: Soviet tt. The smallest speakers specifically designed for guitar seem to be 6" (with the exception of the Ted Weber 5" unit). Below that you need to check frequency responses for something which tails off after 5-6KHz. Sometimes small woofers or midranges have a good response curve for this. Weber Speakers has four 6" models and one 6"x9" model.

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Some tube types end with an underscore (_) followed by some letters indicating the Brand or a number if the Brand is unknown. The underscore and these letters are not part of the tube type number. This is done in case of equal tube type numbers for different tubes. e.g. 6C9_Maz is the Mazda 6C9, the 6C9_Fiv is the Fivre 6C9 and the 6C9 is the .... Start learning today with flashcards, games and learning tools — all for free Simply stated, of all the surface-to-air threats being faced by coalition airpower over Syria, the Russian S-400 SAM system is the most capable and lethal The tube data sheet states that maximum plate current is 1 A These triode tubes are found mostly in grounded. In case of more then 250 data sheets per page the tables are split in to multiple pages. 2002-07-24 5000 datasheets on-line! Most of the American data sheets are scanned by John atwood. 2002-09-19 The tube search has been extended. From now on, also links to the Vademecum pages are listed. 2002-09-26 The tube search has been extended.. 2. In the manufacturer's datasheet I used for traversing data there is probably a mistake. For the anode voltage 150V and grid bias -1.5V datasheet says that S = 19.5 [mA/V], mu = 50 [V/V], and Ri = 5K. This is not possible if only taking into account the formula that mu = S*Ri. The simulator gives the correct values. What is Russian Tube Equivalents. Likes: 600. Shares: 300.. 维库电子市场网为您提供北京*小型管 6N17B Q电子管 6N17*小型管产品信息,本信息由军工电子科技有限公司发布,包含了北京*小型管 6N17B Q电子管 6N17*小型管的相关信息,电子元器件采购就上维库电子市场网(WWW.DZSC.COM)。 ... Datasheet. 电路图. 电子通.

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