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10.1K 289 21. Y/N is the darter of Harley Quinn and of course The Joker. you love your parents and you where brought up to be a villain, you liked hurting people but not killing them... villain.. Anonymous whispered: HI! I love toxicology and I was wondering about if Damian and y/n ever get married if so how was it and how did the proposal go (who did it, what did the ring look like, and how it happened stuff like that!) Let's look at Y/N and Damian's parents. Damian's mom is a deadly assassin, who lied about having a. "Best step-dad ever" Part 2/5 Single!mom reader series. The Ex Part 3/5 Single!mom reader series. When everything goes wrong part 4/5 Single!mom reader series. "I'm in, I'm all in" Part 5/5 Single!Mom reader series. Family Epilogue 1/3 Single!mim reader series. Jason Todd and the Haunted Manor (Batmom x Jay) _____ Damian Wayne. Keep your friends close. Roy: How the hell are you guys friends. Jason and Y/N, simultaneously: We're not. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. Y/N: Intimately close. Seduce your enemies. Jason: Marry your enemies and and poison the wedding cake. Y/N: I'm not marrying you if you're going to bring the wedding cake into it. Along with a machine gun with a crossbow attachment, a simple silenced kap 40 and finally a high carbon combat knife. Request by furiousbouquetdonutsstuff. There's a lot of Pennywise smut on Tumblr, as satirized in this (safe for work) cartoon. Child x mom reader lemon creepypasta x innocent reader lemon female x child male reader lemon. A bloody crowbar lay near her. “Y/N!”. Damian called to her. “Dick, get help, she’s here!”. Y/N raised her head slightly, clearly exhausted by the effort. Damian ran to her, untying her bindings. When he pulled the gag out of her mouth, she coughed. “Robin” she.
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Damian thinks of the reader as his mom and thinks of Dick as a better father then Bruce, maybe even the reader is pregnant and goes into labor and Damian calls the baby his sibling?? — Anonymous. A. Hi! I'm not quite sure if I delivered this well but I think it's alright. Thank you for sending in your request and I hope this was what you. Todoroki x reader x bakugou lemon Todoroki x reader x bakugou lemon. bukonoheroacdemia, bakugo, todoroki. Once I was downstairs, I told everyone that Todoroki would be coming downstairs in a minute but he's very self-conscious about his ears and tail. Warnings: none. Pairing: Shoto Todoroki x F!Reader Words: 2,203. Along with a machine gun with a crossbow attachment, a simple silenced kap 40 and finally a high carbon combat knife. Request by furiousbouquetdonutsstuff. There's a lot of Pennywise smut on Tumblr, as satirized in this (safe for work) cartoon. Child x mom reader lemon creepypasta x innocent reader lemon female x child male reader lemon. Like the reader is an El (super) and she loves Jon because he is her nephew and Damian gets jealous because he thinks she loves him more because they are blood related. She then tells him that although he isn't her blood she still considers him family and loves him just the same. @queenoftheuniverses I hope you enjoy it!. Anonymous said: Can you do an older Damian Wayne X Reader lemon? Pretty Please ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ I love your writing so much, it's so emersive!!!💓 Answer: I don’t write smut. Posts 1k Following 100 Followers 2.8k Likes 10k. Home Ask Archive Theme. Follow. X READER . @antmanvshulk. i'm beth!. That was the one thing that Damian had on his mind as he said good bye to his father and his mom. Alfred was at the grocery store so he wouldn't be back for a while, so Damian was home alone for the time being.
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Damian’s eyebrows furrowed, you tried to hide it, but there was no way of hiding the slight quiver that trembled through your voice. “Please, [F/N], talk to me, tell me what’s wrong.”. You pretended to check the time on your phone, “Look, I have to go, I’m going to be late,” You forced the urgency into your voice, and began to. My Heart Batman/Bruce Wayne X Superman/Clark!Sister Reader Batmom! Reader Warnings: non only some nursing, so much fluff! Words:1402 "Y/N is Superman's twin sister and wife of Batman. ... While my youngest little boy Damian didn't understand why his mom was arresting Batman. Dick said he already turned his comm off hours ago, from years. Summary: Damian finds it hard to find the right time to tell you his secret. Part 2 Part 3. You were in his English class since his first year in Gotham Academy. He has seen you around campus a couple times, and when he’s on patrol late at night, he notices you helping elderly vendors close up their businesses. Zoo Keeper (Request) Paring: Damian Wayne x reader. Synopsis: As an animal lover and a family friend of the owner, you work at the Gotham City Zoo. One day you are having a show with your Giant Otters when you see someone in the crowd who later introduced himself after the show. With a love for animals you and Damian seem to be the perfect fit. Damian wayne x reader sparring Damian wayne x reader sparring. No Needles (x batmom & Bruce) From Smol to Tol (x batmom) Damian & Nail Polish Emoji; Valentine's Day With Dami (x reader) Dating Shy Reader; Imagines: Clarity (ft. Damian stared at the sun rising from the horizon, losing any concern of the bumps and jumps the very vehicle he rides on. Originally posted by luke-skywalker. Druig x reader. Words: 173. You hated this. It was dark and you were bitter.You hated when you two got into fights. You didn’t get into serious fights often but when you did it ended with both of you hurt.. You were upset and alone in bed, the empty space beside you feeling cold.Druig had gone out in the chilly weather to clear his head,.

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Yandere Damian x Innocent!Reader You're innocence is what drew Damian in. I can see clearly that he's not enjoying the scene in front of him. . Yandere x reader lemon forced Yandere x reader lemon forced. ... Bullies Fucked My Mom. towards the end) than the previous part so please read the warnings ! it does start out pretty fluffy though. It. Read 𝖠𝗎𝗍𝗈-𝖼𝗎𝗂𝖽𝖺𝖽𝗈 é 𝗂𝗆𝗉𝗈𝗋𝗍𝖺𝗇𝗍𝖾 - 𝖡𝖺𝗍𝖿𝖺𝗆 x 𝗋𝖾𝖺𝖽𝖾𝗋 from the story. A/N: Third prompt fic so far! Damian is older! Warnings: Tiny angst and fear toxin nightmare. Request: 20 and 29 with any Batboy. – It had been two days since you had inhaled generous amounts of fear toxin. They had put you under surveillance in. If you have a specific genre, gender, or other Male reader x foxy lemon Bnha naga x reader x reader lemon forced wattpad at 24-feb-2016 Aizawa x reader Suicidal reader imagines Suicidal reader imagines Incubus x reader lemon forced (Feb 09, 2021) Tentacle X Reader Lemon Quotev : Entra para leer el Mar 05, 2021 · Child bnha x mom reader 1 day. What is Damian Wayne X Reader Soulmate Au Tumblr. Likes: 600. Shares: 300. Before he could fight back, she gave one of them a bloody nose The last few weeks weren’t what they were two years ago Funny French Last Names Damian flinches The story ends just right before it's the 24th The story ends just right before it's the 24th. Discover more posts about batman-imagines Y/N snorted at the concept of them all fighting.

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